Boston‘s Seaport neighborhood is officially home to the city’s first Black-owned art gallery. According to CBS News, BLKchip Gallery will not only celebrate local art by Black and brown artists, but uplift up-and-coming creators in the area.

“It really is an effort to have the Seaport reflect the rich cultural background of the city,” Tavares Brewington, the founder of innovation and entrepreneurship lab Street2Ivy, told CBS News.

In partnership with creative agency Street Theory Collective, Lab Street2Ivy opened BLKchip Gallery in late June. Brewington described the location as “a place where people can come from diverse backgrounds and enjoy all of the great things here in the Seaport.”

“It’s something you don’t normally see in this area,” local artist Paul Goodnight told CBS News at the gallery’s grand opening. Goodnight’s work is featured in the gallery.

“It’s a way of meeting a new audience, showing the excellent work that is out here,” he added.

Curators of the gallery hope that the new gallery helps Seaport shine in a new light. Local artists Rob Gibbs and Meclina Gomes, both of whom are involved in the gallery, are committed to providing access and education to the community.

“What’s most important is that we’re celebrating fine artists that are people of color,” Gomes told CBS News. “Their value, who they are in this community, the legacy that we’re all building together is vital.”

BLKchip Gallery hopes to stand the test of time and become a staple of Seaport and a valued fixture in Boston.