Making that transition from child star to a well-respected adult entertainer can be difficult for many. Many celebrities can't find that thin line between "being corny" and "doing way too much." 

Over the years, we've watched Bow Wow grow up in an industry that doesn't have a problem calling you out. Hell, they'll call out their own mama if she doesn't come correct. It doesn't help that social media is waiting for that exact moment for you to slip up and throw you to the vultures.

Bow Wow has recently been on a press tour, promoting We TV's newest series, Growing Up Hip Hop ATL. On his trip to New York yesterday to make an appearance at the Wendy Williams Show, Bow Wow decided to flaunt his means of transportation for all his followers to see.

No biggie right? Celebs fly on private jets all the time especially when they have to hit multiple cities in a day. It was all good until Bow Wow was spotted, on a PJ but a commercial flight like a regular person. Twitter user @Al_Khee exposed Bow in a side by side tweet, simply asking: who's man's is this?

Photo: reddit

The tweet has since collected over 26,000+ retweets and birthed the hashtag of the week, #BowWowChallenge, teaching us how to live your best life for the 'gram when your bank account doesn't match up.

Do you want to take a vacation? No problem.

Want to show off your bae? Go head girl.

Pushing that big body whip? Gotta keep it clean by any means.

It's lit!

Don't let anyone hold you back from living the life you deserve, my friends.

Whether Bow Wow does have a private jet or not, he got caught in a lie and if he doesn't know by now, on Twitter, jokes win over facts everyday b.

Feel better, Bow.