nullWhat looks to be a heart-warming, inspiring feature documentary that opens in France (no USA pick up yet) later this year, shot in several countries (including Cuba, Uganda, India and Mongolia), titled "Le Grand Jour" (or "The Big Day"), the audience is introduced to mostly marginalized young people of different backgrounds on a day when they will each face the biggest challenges of their, thus far, short lives, as they work towards fulfilling their dreams.

These extraordinary personalities include a young boy who strives to become a boxer in Cuba, and a young girl who is passionate about mathematics in India, a wildlife enthusiast in Uganda, and a gymnast in Mongolia. 

The filmmaker (Pascal Plisson) says that the film was inspired by these real-life young girls and boys who sacrifice everything in order to realize their dreams, and change their lives – something that us adults can learn from.

This is familiar terrain for Plisson, given his past work – another documentary titled "Our Path to School," which recounted the obstacles several children who had to overcome every day, just to get to their school.

"Le Grand Jour" ("The Big Day") is currently set for a September 23 release in France.

Trailer below, although not subtitled in English (some parts are in English):