An inside source involved in the production of NBC’s The Playboy Club just informed me that the show has indeed been cancelled. Of course this news comes as no surprise to those of us whom have followed the show since its premiere. With the steep decline in ratings seen after each episode aired, it was inevitable that the doors were set to close on NBC’s period-piece series.

My inside source involved in the production of the show told me yesterday (before the news came down) that behind the scenes the production was mismanaged from the start.

The source stated that:

“The writing was cliche…and not enough research was done on the time period to give it that level of authenticity it needed.”

In addition, my source also spoke on the diversity of the show, praising actress Naturi Naughton [who portrayed Bunny Brenda] as…

“good on the show and a genuine person, who never came off as phony or insincere behind the scenes.”

Yet there were other things that were bothering.

“For a show set in Chicago, even during that time-period, having one token black character made no sense!”

Talking to this person, it became clear that The Playboy Club was doomed from the start, most ironic is that in our chat yesterday, my source stated that ABC’s Pan Am [a show about flight attendants during the same time period as The Playboy Club] “…is doing a far better job filling the time period gap left behind by this year’s absence of AMC’s acclaimed series, Mad Men [a show in which Naturi Naughton also guest starred as none other than a “Playboy Bunny”]. They have an engaging story and the writing is pretty good but unfortunately, there are no black characters on the show.”

Well, there you have it folks, another missed opportunity. I could only wonder what could have been if The Playboy Club had been on HBO, Showtime or hell, even FX…I guess it’s too late for a coulda, woulda, shoulda. Turn down the lights, it’s a wrap!