We missed this piece of news, but better late than never…

I only just learned that British actor Daniel Kaluuya is in the cast of Kick-Ass 2, which is currently in production. 

Kaluuya signed up to play a character named Black Death, said to be part of the gang of villains led by The Mother F*cker (formerly Red Mist), played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Also of note, a new face, and another black British actor in Tanya Fear, in her first feature film role, playing a character named Harlow, described as one of the mean girls. 

I assume all of these identifications and descriptions mean something to those who are familiar with the Kick-Ass universe.

As far as black actors in the film are concerned, Kaluuya and Fear are joined by Morris Chestnut, playing the guardian for the character played by Chloe Moretz (Hit Girl), and Donald Faison as Doctor Gravity in the sequel to 2010's Kick-Ass, which will see returning stars Aaron Johnson, Moretz, Mintz-Plasse, Nicolas Cage and John Leguizamo.

Principal photography is under Jeff Wadlow's direction. Matthew Vaughn, who directed the 2010 original, is serving as producer on the sequel.

Kaluuya's name should hopefully be familiar, since it's been mentioned a few times here on S&A; most recently, he signed with Hollywood talent agency International Creative Management (ICM), and starred in the horror drama series The Fades, which had its BBC America premiere in January. Kaluuya can also be seen acting alongside comedy legend Rowan Atkinson in Johnny English Reborn, also released this year.

He previously starred as Posh Kenneth on the popular BBC series Skins, and eventually went on to become a head writer on that show.

And as noted, Tanya Fear is a new face, only recently (this year) making her on-screen debut in the British TV series, The Midnight Beast.

Kick-Ass 2 is scheduled for a summer 2013 release.