Talented Brit actress and film director Juliet Ellis (It’s A Free World, “Coronation Street”) is developing her first feature film BIT BY BIT, a highly original and contemporary British drama set in the gangster milieu of gritty working class Sheffield, and she needs your help with financing.

Bit By Bit is about Aidan, a petty gangster and small-time drug dealer who works the security in a massage parlor. He is forced to look more deeply at the consequences of his lifestyle when his 12-year-old daughter, Karly comes to live with him. While Karly desperately seeks to find a place of security in a world that has utterly betrayed her, Aidan finds himself caught up in a volatile and dangerous confrontation between the prostitutes and their pimps. With tensions mounting and events swirling out of his control, Aidan is forced to make choices that will profoundly affect the lives of those around him and determine the fate of his daughter. Actresses Maria Ballesteros and Carla Henry have recently joined the cast.

But as Ellis describes on her IndieGoGo crowdfunding page, Bit By Bit is moreso:

…A deeply felt tale of the need for love [it’s] both a harrowing journey into the heart of familial dysfunction and an ultimately uplifting and compassionate story of redemption and love…The film is about having to face the consequences of your decisions and hopefully learn from them bit by bit. Capturing the characters personal quests in the film through private moments of observation, reflection, gestures and responses, forms the emotional heartbeat of the film., evoking the feeling of honesty and realism.

The trailer has a great look to it – very raw yet very strong much like Ellis’ existing film projects. Check out the trailer below and to help fund this project go to Bit By Bit’s IndieGoGo page right HERE.

You an see more of Ellis’ work on www.julietellis.com and www.facebook.com/bitbybit.film