Trailer for an indie feature from writer/director Rasheed Wilds, titled True Story.

It stars Robert L Humphrey, Damion Omar Lee (star of Rod Gailes OBC's Soft Focus – the second S&A Black Filmmaker Challenge winning short), Deron Brigdon Campbell, Angela Sims and others.

With a tagline that reads "Life, Love, Friendship, Betrayal,True Story's synopsis reads:

Hakim Little, an ambitious African American man lives in New York City and is a great father to his daughter Imani. After being dumped by Imani’s mother, Tamika he soothes a broken heart by engaging in a series of unhealthy relationships and sexual trysts. Hakim enjoys the friendship of Corey and Fred – childhood friends who, while different, offer variety to his life. Corey is a responsible adult who has been unable to find employment, and Fred is a deadbeat dad who maintains a lavish lifestyle. The men are also surrounded by the neighborhood elder Stagga Lee, who serves as a “father figure” to the boys (despite Fred’s objections) and struggles to battles his own demons. After a series of bad dates Hakim sets out to meet the right woman. When he meets Nia Francis at a poetry reading, he is mesmerized. After getting to know each other Hakim and Nia start a relationship. For the first time Hakim experiences getting to know someone. Nia embodies strength, passion, and sensitivity. The love affair is magical, but when his past issues haunt him and an unexpected betrayal occurs, Hakim must decide at what cost is he willing to fight for Nia and a chance at happiness.

I'm told that the film will screen at the 2nd annual Bronx Week Film Festival here in NYC, which runs from May 12 – 17, and its screening is already sold out! So obviously a lot of interest in seeing this, although I should note that I haven't seen it. 

Watch the trailer below (full poster underneath):