A tweet from the NYPD 100th Precinct paying tribute to boxing legend Jack Johnson with #BlackLivesMatter hashtag has drawn the ire of conservatives who believe the commanding officer who posted the tweet has aligned herself with a "hate group." 

On Friday, the Twitter account for the NYPD 100th Precinct tweeted out a post celebrating Johnson's place in American history with the BLM hashtag in tow. Critics saw it as anti-police and quickly lashed out at Deputy Inspector Janice Holmes, whose picture serves as the avatar for the account. 

By 7 p.m. that night, the post was taken down and a new tweet with the #BlackHistoryMonth hashtag was tweeted in its place. Twitter user @ AnthonyM122 pointed out that Holmes has family members in the force and she made a mistake but he maintained that Black Lives Matter is anti-cop.

Holmes is one of four sisters serving in the NYPD. Her older sister is Assistant Chief Juanita Holmes, the commanding officer of Patrol Borough Queens North and was the first black woman in the NYPD to become a borough command.

The new tweet upset supporters of the BLM movement who did not see anything wrong with the initial tweet. 

One has to think if the conservatives who were outraged by the initial tweet would respond the same way if the department tweeted using a #bluelivesmatter hashtag. The New York Daily News reports that Holmes may not have posted the tweet in the first place and that another officer did so on her behalf. NYPD officials have indicated that no one will be reprimanded for the tweet. 

“There is no indication that any discipline will be given out,” said an NYPD spokesman, who confirmed that another officer put up the tweet on Holmes behalf.

As ridiculous as it seems, four years into the Black Lives Matter movement critics still don't know what the movement does or means.