Lil Nas X loves the kids and his latest endeavor, a children’s book, will serve as an educational tool for his younger fans. The book,"'C’ is for Country,” drops in 2021 and will be published by the historical Random House Books.

“I’m dropping the best kids book of all time soon! C IS FOR COUNTRY, out January 5, 2021, from @randomhousekids. I can't wait to share it with you all. You can pre-order it right here!!” the “Old Town Road” rapper tweeted, spilling the literary tea for the book which is available for pre-order now.

The support was abundant on Twitter. One follower was ready to pull up to the nearest bookstore for a copy. 

Another person was ready to get Lil Nas X’s book into the children's hands as quickly as possible.

Even people who didn’t appear to have children wanted in on the new book.

And others were ready to become parents just to be in the number.

Although the feedback was mostly positive, some fans were eager to hear some more music from the artist. 

As Lil Nas X continues to ride the wave of his overwhelmingly successful hit record, we wish him the best.