Here's an update on a project Emmanuel profiled last fall titled Désordres (Chaos), which stars Isaach de Bankole and  French-Rwandan actress Sonia Rolland, as history professor Vincent, and his wife Marie who have just moved from Paris (with their son) into a farm near a small town in the south of France, looking forward to a quieter life, some kind of return to nature. Marie, a renowned international pianist, who retired in spite of her young age, has decided to follow her husband, but almost unwillingly. From the very beginning, Thibaut, one of Vincent’s students (played by Niels Schneider), disrupts this family getaway, and slowly, the couple starts to come apart. But Thibaut’s intentions are not at all motivated by love. And he'll do anything to achieve his goal.

The film is directed by Étienne Faure, and from what we just learned, screened for buyers at the Cannes film market this week. 

It's not known if the film, categorized as a crime/thriller/drama, clocking in at 97 minutes, was acquired by distrivutors for any territories. But we hope some news on is reported soon, because this is an intriguing project.

A promo poster for the film is also available and you'll find it below.