Leading independent film sales company, Wide Management, has picked up 2 new projects to represent and shop at the Marché du Film at CannesSenegalese director Alain Gomis' 3rd feature film titled Aujourd'hui (or Today in English, also known as Tey), which premiered at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival in February; and Patrik-Ian Polk's The Skinny – Polk being the director of LGBT-themed indie films Noah's Arc:Jumping the Broom and Punks, as well as the creator of the Noah's Arc series for the Logo network.

Polk's Skinny has already been screening in theaters around the USA, over the last month, and is likely being shopped at Cannes to international buyers; the film tells the story of "a group of four young, black, gay men, Magnus, Sebastian, Kyle, Joey and their lesbian best friend, Langston. They arrange to meet up in New York City one year after their graduation from Brown University. Their plans for a weekend of fun start off well, relaxed in each other’s company, as only old friends can be. But old tensions quickly resurface."

Jussie Smollett stars in the production from Tall Skinny Black Boy productions in association with Logo Features

Gomis' film on the otherhand, which stars Saul Williams and Aissa Maiga, and follows a man named Satche (played by Williams) during the last 24 hours of his life, has yet to be released in the USA (or anywhere in the world) as it continues its film festival travels.

Gomis states, "It's the kind of tale that takes place in an imaginary society in which death comes looking for someone. The film starts when he opens his eyes and ends when they close," said the director of the critically-acclaimed L'Afrance (2001) and Andalucia (2008).

I've yet to see either film, but hope to rectify that as soon as I can.