OK, so we’re finally down to just one weekend before Cannes, the press screening schedule has just been released today, and I’m in a sudden state of panicked (un)preparedness.

Truthfully, I can’t promise more than a few written reviews but, given the chance (and the time), I plan to fill you in on the where, what, why and how, with a decidedly S&A take on things. Some of it will, hopefully, be caught on camera (nothing fancy, just a flip cam), but I can’t vouch for my shooting or editing skills, especially on the hop, so the credits may very well be better than the footage! lol.

Hey, what I do best is write, but I figured that if I do get to speak to any interesting folks, it’ll be easier to shoot , edit and post rather than spend time transcribing (hence the trusty camcorder for dummies flip cam). I could be wrong, of course, so please persevere and bare with me.

In the meantime, I have to get the girly preparations in gear to deal with the more glam side of Cannes – washing my hair, what to wear… should I do my nails, and other such details….