Cardi B goes awf on Peter Gunz and Twitter sings her praises

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| March 22 2016,

05:33 am

Reunion shows tend to be the most entertaining, and Monday’s Love and Hip Hop: New York reunion was no exception. But the highlight by far was when Cardi B went awf on Peter Gunz for his grimy ways

' As a result Cardi B confirmed that she is the de facto commander leading an army of fed up women against f*ckboys, and Twitter sang her praises

Photo: twitter
Photo: twitter

For being pro-woman

— Carolina Bama (@Awkward_Duck) March 22, 2016 ''

For putting the team on her back


For pointing out double standards


For such an epic read


For highlighting the sickness of patriarchy


For putting the Real back in reality television


For telling it like it is


For reminding us that feminism is multifaceted


Whew! She betta preach

Yaass girl, yaaass!!!


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