Starting tonight in London, Wednesday September 14th and continuing until Saturday September 17th at the Tabernacle in Notting Hill , London (Powis sq London | W11 2AY) is the latest Caribbean Film Corner whose purpose is to showcase up and coming Caribbean film makers whilst paying tribute to the Caribbean people who have made their mark on the Stage and Screen around the world.

Presented by Kalinago Ent., the Portobello Film Festival and Neigeme Productions, they seek to highlight excellence in Caribbean filmmaking through the exhibition of films made in the region including Latin American, the French, English and Dutch speaking countries in the Caribbean Basin, by Caribbean people of the Diaspora, and by international filmmakers that reflect Caribbean culture and way of life both in the Caribbean and the Diaspora.

Produced by Marc Woods & Neigeme Glasgow-Maeda, The Caribbean Film Corner also represents the work of young, up-and-coming Caribbean filmmakers who have the confidence and enthusiasm to seek a global platform.

The lineup this time around includes such films as Fire In Babylon, The First Rasta, 20 Anos, Wayne G. Saunders’ The Village, and the documentary The Other Side of Carnival

Londoners and beyond, check them out…and more.

According to their website, the definite part of the allure for the audience is the desire to experience Caribbean cinema, an area of film that has not been easily accessible in the UK or Europe. Our objective is simple, the audience must come away feeling moved. With that in mind, powerful and harrowing stories dealing with issues such as race, sexuality, power structures, poverty are addressed, much of which is equally relevant to both a multi-racial and multi-cultural Britain today.

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Also, check out filmmakers Erica A. Watson and Alesyn McCall’s ‘Conversations in Cannes’ series interview with Corner co-producer Neigeme Glasgow-Maeda

Conversations in Cannes: Neigeme Glasgow-Maeda (Part One) from Erica Watson on Vimeo.