Carmen Ejogo is in negotiations to play Coretta Scott King in the highly anticipated Ava Duvernay-directed Selma, which follows Martin Luther King Jr. (played by David Oyelowo), and the 1965 landmark voting rights campaign, regarded as the peak of the civil rights movement. 
Married to Dr. King in June 18, 1953, Coretta Scott King was an influential activist during the African-American civil rights era in the 1960s, marching alongside her husband during the Selma Voting Rights Movement. 
We last told you that Bradford Young was brought on board as Director of Photography in the upcoming film, produced by Oprah Winfrey, Christian Colson, Pathe UK, Brad Pitt‘s Plan B, and distributed by Paramount. 
If you recall, Ejogo played Coretta Scott King opposite Jeffrey Wright in the 2001 HBO film Boycott, directed by Clark Johnson.