The case against an 11-year-old Mississippi boy who was arrested in August and charged with public urination has been dismissed, according to the attorney for the child’s family.

At a hearing on Monday, Tate County Youth Court Judge Rusty Harlow dismissed the case against Quantavious Eason, stating that the young boy did not require supervision, the family’s attorney Carlos Moore confirmed in a news release.

“This outcome is not just a victory for Eason and his family, but for juvenile justice advocates everywhere,” a news release from Moore’s firm stated. “This case has gained national attention due to its broader implications for juvenile justice and concerns about racial disparities within the legal system.”

Eason was 10 when he was arrested and transported to the Senatobia Police Department on Aug. 10 for urinating near his mother’s vehicle since there were no public bathrooms available, CNN reported.

His mother, LaTonya Eason, said at a September press conference that an officer spotted the young boy relieving himself while she was inside a law office building. The officer went inside to notify her about the situation. The woman reprimanded Eason for his behavior, and the incident appeared resolved.

Soon after that, more officers showed up, including a lieutenant, who told LaTonya that her son was in custody. In response, she demanded an apology and called for the firing of several officers involved in the incident, per CNN.

NBC News reported that in December, Harlow ruled that Eason had to serve three months of probation and write a two-page report on the late NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. However, LaTonya disagreed with the probation agreement, stating that the conditions were similar to adult punishments.

Eason’s case garnered national attention, leaving many questioning if the treatment against him was necessary. Following the cases’ dismissal, Moore stated that he plans to sue the city, the police chief and the officers involved in the 11-year-old’s arrest.

“I’m 99.9% sure that had he been a white child, he would not have been arrested,” Moore said in a statement obtained by NBC News.