It's the show that everyone loves to hate, but just can't turn away from. Like a bloody, bad car wreck on the highway. You don't want watch to watch but you can't help yourself.

Maybe it was Star Jones' tweets that went viral criticizing the show, suggesting a boycott against it, that began everything. But since then, other people have publicly attacked the show for its ig'nant behavior.

Not surprisingly, exec producer and star of the show, Shaunie O'Neal, and other members have been quick to go public, apologizing for the show and their outrageous behavior, claiming that things will get better.

However, O'Neal is now going even further. In a recent interview, she announced that there would some major cast changes on the show for next season, though she didn't say who would be getting the boot.

She further stated that if things didn't get better, she would quit the show. "Honestly I don't want to go back. I have no problem walking away from the franchise," she's quoted as saying.

O'Neal claimed that she is, in fact, worried about getting physically hurt on the show, and that she's tired for being criticized for letting the ig'nant and violent behavior get out of hand.

Right now, she claims that she has no idea when she will decide to leave the show. She said that she will know "right beofre it's time to sign on the dotted line (for the next season)  I won't take responsibility for what it's turned into."