Expendables 2 director Simon West is reportedly eyeing Angelina JolieCameron Diaz and Milla Jovovich for an all-female spin-off of the The Expendables franchise, telling E! Online, "I like the idea of the Expenda-Belles where it's seven or eight women mercenaries. It would be Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Milla Jovovich, the list goes on. Helen Mirren, Jamie Lee Curtis would be great… It would be running parallel. They would meet up and then they would fight and they would join up and save each other."

Our man Terry Crews, who plays Hale Caesar in the Expendables movies was vocal with his support of the idea, adding "I would love to see Charlize Theron. She would be a sweet badass just doing some crazy stuff!"

Now while this is all probably just wishful thinking, don't be too surprised if we eventually post an announcement on the development of an Expenda-Belles movie, as Simon West put it. I actually think that would be a hot ticket; fans would probably eat it up for what it is.

But, damn, I'm looking at West list all the actresses he'd like to have in the film, as well as Terry Crews' own choice, and I'm thinking, not one sistah is mentioned! Alright, so maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit, because you'd think that if this movie were ever made, they'd surely include at least one black Expenda-Belle in the group, right?

My question to you is, as the title of this post states, what would your Expenda-Belles lineup of actresses look like? Who would make up your list of 8 or 9? 

Maybe this will assist… I was reminded of the above fan-created poster when the first Expendables movie was released in 2010; the creator imagines what could actually be a hell of an idea is if Sylvester Stallone and company opted to expand the franchise, and made it strictly with the cast below, or as some kind of co-ed action/thriller.

Any takers? Vivica Fox ("Copperhead” from Kill Bill Vol. 1) in the Terry Crews role works for me 🙂

But take your stab at it on this start to the weekend… heck, you can even make it an all-black cast, a mix of the young and older.