nullThis one’s for you actresses! Instead of me summarizing, all the details you need to know for a project I’ve previously alerted you to, follow via press release below. Underneath, you’ll find 2 attachments – the official breakdown of the character, with information on how to audition, as well as a page from the script required for the audition… Good luck!

As a highlight of the Indiegogo crowdfund

campaign to raise funds for a summer 2015 production, Executive Producer John

Singleton and award-winning short film writer/director Ka’ramuu Kush launch a

nationwide casting call for the lead character in Kush’s debut feature film, “As the Freak

Takes You.”

Set in his hometown of Detroit, Kush’s “As the Freak Takes You,” follows

the story of Summer Hughes, an omnisexual woman who navigates a complex triad of

lovers: a bi-racial lesbian, a bi-sexual white man and a celibate black man, while

exploring the intersection of sexuality and spirituality.

Filming is slated to begin the

summer of 2015.

The filmmakers are casting a wide net to discover a new or under-recognized talent.

Historically, Singleton’s work is marked by discovering new talent. Speaking of Kush he

says, “Kush is a phenomenal talent that has flown just below the radar. In addition to

creating his own work, he’s looking to create work for another emerging talent. I’ve

always thrived off of discovering new talent and this project happens to be perfectly

suited for a new or under-recognized face. I couldn’t be more excited about introducing

his work to the world and finding the dynamic woman who will portray his lead

character, Summer Hughes.”

Leah Daniels-Butler is serving as Casting Director.

Kush says, “Our goal in doing this Indiegogo crowdfund campaign is to connect with our

audience directly. We’d like to welcome our audience as allies in the building of this film

project, from scratch. We’ve already initiated a nation-wide search for a visual artist to

paint the murals in the film and now we’re excited about the #iamsummerhughes

casting call to discover a new talent. We’re looking for a dynamic, fresh talent that can

unapologetically embody this sexy, unorthodox and commanding character, and we’d

like to provide a platform for anyone inspired by the story to have the opportunity. I think

this approach will open us to a whole host of prospects that might otherwise be

overlooked and, based on the material, it’ll be a fun engagement for our supporters.”

Additionally, Felicia “Snoop” Pearson of HBO’s The Wire, has signed on to play a

supporting role as the lead character’s bi-racial lesbian lover.

Kush is on a mission to raise $100,000 (with a stretch goal of $200,000) towards the

production of “As The Freak Takes You.” Being presented as “the sexiest crowd fund

campaign on the internet,” his Indiegogo campaign offers a variety of unconventional

rewards as incentives to donors including custom tailored leather jackets, love and

relationship coaching from leading experts, one-on-one acting consultations with

Hollywood casting directors and dance lessons with a renowned choreographer.

Thus far, the Indigogo campaign, which launched November 24th, has garnered the

support of Woodie King, Jr.’s New Federal Theatre, New Deal Productions, HTV/Illuminate, Skywalker Sound, Michelle Materre of Creatively Speaking, Michelle

Manning of MM Productions and From the Heart Productions.

For more information about the Indiegogo campaign, which is running until January 4,

2015, please visit

You can also go to and/or

Follow the project on Twitter & Instagram: @iamsummerhughes

Below is the official casting breakdown of the character, and other relevant info, like how to audition for the role. And underneath you’ll find a page from the script, as referenced in the call.