In the July 2 interview below with DJ Whoo Kid, Cedric The Entertainer talks about his new show on TV Land, Soul Man (my thoughts and your thoughts on the new series HERE), the music and film business, and during the course of the conversation, reveals that he and Kevin Hart have been looking for projects to work on together, and have seemingly settled on one that they are developing with Tom Hanks' production company, Playtone Productions.

I immediately wondered why Tom Hanks, and then remembered that Cedric appeared in Hanks' 2011 dramedy Larry Crowne, suggesting that maybe a working relationship developed there that lead to this still-in-development project that he and Kevin Hart are collabing on.

Kevin Hart is of course *hot* right now, we could say, thanks to 2 back-to-back successes in Think Like A Man and Laugh At My Pain, so it makes sense to be in the Kevin Hart business.

As for the possibility of a Barbershop 3, Cedric says that the key people (cast and crew) are definitely interested in coming back, but MGM's trials (its 2010 bankruptcy and the aftermath) have held things up.

I'm all for an original project with Cedric and Hart produced by Hanks, but I could do without a 3rd Barbershop movie.

Watch/listen below: