Much of the coverage surrounding Lamar Odom in the Celebrity Big Brother house came from his eccentric behavior not always realizing he was on live TV, as well as talking about his reality TV star ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian. But aside from that, he made quite the impression on viewers and house mates.

Odom became fast friends with a few of his competitors, but not enough to save him from being eliminated. He blames Todrick Hall (who many eliminated houseguests have come out against) for turning on him in an eviction, but praises Todd Bridges over their shared experiences with substance abuse.

Lamar Odom feels played by Todrick Hall

Odom took to Instagram after his eviction from the house and took shots at Hall. “You should have played Chess. Not checkers Todrick,” Odom wrote in a post. He added in the caption, “So I was booted off of @bigbrothercbs by my fake friend Todrick He should have been a bit more strategic as he must have forgotten I get a jury vote for the winner!”


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He also said in a chat with Us Weekly that he’d never heard of Hall before they became housemates.

“[My friend] told me that he was a person that I would have to keep my eye on,” he said, adding that Hall “never stopped talking about himself.”

N’SYNC singer Chris Kirkpatrick also called out Hall for his “bullying.” In a prior interview with Us Weekly, Kirkpatrick said he didn’t appreciate Hall taking things to a personal level during an argument in which Hall brought up Kirkpatrick’s son. 

The NBA champion says Todd Bridges has always been an anchor for him and supports his sobriety

He may feel a ways about Hall, but he did build a good relationship with Bridges. Odom’s struggles with drug abuse is no secret. Since almost losing his life, he’s been open about his sometimes difficult journey to sobriety. He is able to relate to the Dif’frent Strokes star due to Bridges having his own issues with alcohol abuse. Odom says Bridges is now his sober coach and has been a great person to lean on in his quest to full sobriety. He’s happy their bond extends beyond the Big Brother house.

“Besides Cynthia, he [Bridges] was the first person I really reacted to seeing in the house,” he told Parade. “I’m like, “D**m! They got Todd Bridges in this house? They got Willis in this house?” he joked. “Even though he hates being called Willis. But Todd was my anchor in that house. Somebody who snapped me back into reality. I know he came into my life for a reason because he’s going to become my sober coach. He’s been sober for 33 years, so we share a lot in life when it comes to that world. He’s someone I hope I continue to learn from. If there are times when I’m down, and I can’t figure things out, I can call him and have him on my side. If I’m getting the itch to do the wrong thing, he’s someone I can call and get information from.”

Fans have celebrated Odom amid his exit.

"Lammy got me crying," wrote one fan. "He asked Todd to be his sober coach. He’s been sober 7 years and says his sobriety is very important to him."

"As one of the only houseguests to call out Todrick, Lamar kept it real the entire time he was in the house. said another. "He’s viewed as a real stand up guy by BB fans and for that, we all thank him."

"Lamar Odom is absolutely precious and it was great to have him on this season," said another. "One of the only bright spots."

Someone else said, "I adore Lamar Odom and have for a while.. His persona in the house is exactly what I expected and he has such a bright spirit.. His energy will be missed but I'm so glad that he showed the kind of gentle and funny soul he is during this season!"

The CBB3 finale airs this week.