Chance The Rapper stays reppin' for his city in various ways! When it comes to Chicago-based news, Lil' Chano is mostly known for his community building efforts and was even named 2017's most charitable celebrity

OpenMike night recently celebrated its third anniversary and Chance led the celebration at the Chicago Cultural Center on Monday evening, Chicago Sun-Times reported. The monthly open mic night is sponsored by Chance's non-profit organization SocialWorks in collaboration with the Chicago Public Library. A couple months ago, Chance wowed students by giving away Jordans at a previous OpenMike show. 

Of course, the reopening was an instant hit as a huge line quickly formed for registration! 

“I like to see other people doing different types of poetry and different types of music and it’s all just fun just to see people express [themselves] in ways they don’t usually get to because of the pressure from society,” said 17-year-old Kylen Green.

“I heard about it through social media and it was on Chance the Rapper’s page, and so I’m like, ‘He’s from Chicago, maybe he’ll be here,’” 16-year-old Prince Depillars said. “But overall, I’m an entertainer so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to come and perform in front of a group of people.”

“It’s also a cool opportunity that you get to see all these young Chicago artists perform,” said 17-year-old Mae Garland.

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