Chance the Rapper, a proud Chicago native and indie rapper, is named one of five 2015 Chicagoan of the Year honorees by Chicago magazine and is the first indie artist ever to perform on Saturday Night Live.

If you’re not familiar with Chance the Rapper, get your life in order. His latest song, “Angels” featuring Saba has made waves way beyond the Chicagoland area — and for good reason.

To add to his list of accomplishments as an indie rapper, he will be the first indie artist to perform on Saturday Night Live.

If that’s not enough to be excited about, he was named the 2015 Chicagoan the year by Chicago magazine:

As a proud native of the South Side of Chicago, I salute you Chance. You have made great strides and continue to inspire so many  people. We see you!

Read his feature in Chicago magazine here!

Look out for Chance the Rapper on Saturday Night Live on December 12th!