The NPR crew was treated to a special surprise on Monday!

Chance The Rapper performed an impromptu set for the nonprofit’s Tiny Desk Concert series, per Chicago Tribune. After the surprise concert was announced over their PA system, a swarm of NPR staffers rushed down the stairs to catch the show.

You think this is a game?!


Not when it comes to Chance the Rapper.

During the performance, the Lil’ Chano from 79th performed three songs, including a Stevie Wonder cover, per NPR’s Aditi Bhandari. He also read a poem.

The fun didn’t stop there as the rapper even took a pause to eat a donut off of an employee’s desk, which NPR Politics podcast co-host Scott Detrow tweeted.

Of course, you’re itching to see the performance right? Don’t fret, because according to NPR's All Things Considered host Bob Boilen, the concert will be online in about a week.

Keep an eye on Blavity, you know we got you.