From the Black Film Center/Archive at Indiana University in Bloomington, screening as part of the “Arriving at the Truth” film series:

Five movies directed by critically acclaimed filmmaker Charles Burnett will be featured Nov. 3-6 at the IU Cinema, an event that coincides with the 30th anniversary of IU’s Black Film Center/Archive.

Michael Martin, a professor of American Studies and Communication and Culture who is director of the Black Film Center/Archive, will host a public interview with Burnett at 3 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 3, at the IU Cinema.

The 5 films in the lineup are: Burnett classics like Killer of Sheep, My Brother’s Wedding, and To Sleep with Anger, as well as later works The Glass Shield and Namibia: the Struggle for Liberation. A series of short films by Burnett will also be included.

Of note, Burnett will be present for the series, and will also visit film production classes at the university, where he’ll engage in discourse with faculty and students.

I gotta say that I’m glad to see all the love that Burnett (and other members of the L.A. Rebellion/LA Film School movement) have received in the last year or so.

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