BJ Mack concluded his final year at the South Carolina Gamecocks and is giving back to both his family and community. The 24-year-old used the money he made through his name, image and likeness to help his father open a barbershop

The House of Hoops is located in Mack’s hometown of Charlotte, NC. It can be found at 2504 Little Rock Road, Suite D off Interstate 85. The shop opened its doors this weekend. Mack’s father Brian Mack has been a barber for 26 years.

“That first one was just for me. That was something to do,” he told The Charlotte Observer about his previous shop. “This one has so much more meaning behind it. Because of my son and my family being involved.”

The House of Hoops is an ode to the father and son’s love of basketball. Decorations include framed jerseys, photographs, plaques and televisions laid out across the space.

“We want to be an inspiration for the next kids,” Mack’s father said. “I can’t wait until I’m old, sitting around in my rocking chair, and I see that little boy that was in the barber shop walking across the NBA Draft stage.”

He is hoping the environment inspires children to pursue their passion for the sport.

“You see them on the wall,” he added. “You next. Give them that little motivation — you never know what it takes to get that kid over the top.”

Both men hope the shop can be a place for basketball fans to gather and help each other. BJ Mack posted a call out on x, formerly known as Twitter, before the opening, asking all to help support the community by bringing in basketball shoes for children in need.

He hopes the barber shop “serves as a platform to showcase support and contribute to the thriving basketball culture in the city.”