Making a reboot of a beloved show with cult-like fans is a tall task– and it is one reason why the writers’ room of the new Charmed is feuding with an OG writer.

It is a big responsibility to those involved and criticism from fans unhappy with the direction of the show is expected. Still, criticism from people who worked on the original is something else.

After receiving shade of sorts from writers who worked on the original series, the writers of the Charmed reboot have fired some shots of their own in response.

Curtis Kheel, a writer for the OG 'Charmed' series from The WB, responded to the reboots finale, which aired on The CW on Twitter.

The episode saw the cast enter a portal that transported them to the manor that was featured in the original series. The writers have done press interviews that stated they. would have explored a “multiverse” of sorts if it got a new season and would have tried to welcome any. original cast members that were ready and available.


Kheel said Twitter:

“As an original #Charmed writer, I can tell u what happened next: Piper, Phoebe & Paige vanquished the 3 imposters right after they invaded Halliwell Manor,” Kheel continued, “Then @H_Combs blew up the portal to that other universe & quipped: ‘We wish them well.’ #seriesfinale #CharmedReunionMovie.”

Most of the original cast and crew that made the show have never been fond of the reboot.

Writers from took the tweets from Kheel as an insult and responded through their official Twitter account, saying:

“Unlike with the OG version of the franchise, we had a strict ‘no assholes’ hiring policy in the writer’s room. We feel mostly sorry for these people, because unlike them we actually like each other and had the BEST time. Onward….”

The account added, “And for the record, we LOVE both versions, which is why we set out to create a cohesive universe. In our minds there is zero competition in a long line of strong young witches tasked with repeatedly saving the world. –FIN.”

Kheel responded the next day clarifying his feelings toward the reboot in a Twitter thread, in which he said in part:

“My problem with the #Charmedreboot is that from Day One, it pretended like the original #Charmed didn’t exist, yet it borrowed a ton of ideas from it. We worked very hard on the OG series for many years & to disregard that is offensive & disrespectful to US & our fans.”