Instagram in 2015 has become a place filled with boring and repetitive content from “models” selling weight loss teas and selfies of people you could care less about. Unlike the previously stated accounts, when I stumbled upon @itsthemingler it filled me with laughter and curiosity.

The Germal A. Ford-created series titled The Mingler provides viewers with their very own modern mobile millennial short film within every clip that’s posted. The series is witty and interesting because it depicts different moments millennials face every day, such as going on your first job interview or having a job but knowing it’s not your true passion.

The Mingler provides all of these situations and more through a different lens that many will be able to relate to. You get a chance to become acquainted with a curious millennial who opts to follow his instincts and create his own experience.

Here are two of my personal favorite posts from the account:

When you have some downtime in class or at work you definitely need to check out these hilarious and thought-provoking videos on The Mingler’s Instagram page.


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