A TikTok video user @moniquelsantos09 posted is going viral after a woman refused to leave the car when she and her date arrived at The Cheesecake Factory. According to the woman’s date, the restaurant wasn’t the original plan; they missed their reservation at another spot because of her lateness.

According to NewsOne, the clip begins with the woman in the car.

“Let me just get the door for you,” her date told her.

When he went to her side to do so, she refused to open the door. He was also surprised to learn that she was filming the interaction.

The woman ignored her date’s questions about being filmed and told the camera, “This is The Cheesecake Factory, y’all. This is a chain restaurant. Who takes someone who looks like this to a chain restaurant?”

In response to her question, her date asked, “You want to talk about it? I’m fine with talking about it, even in front of them.”


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The woman agreed they should discuss it and told him to get in the car so they could do so.

He asked, “So you expect a man to go all out on the first date? Is that right?”

The woman explained that, in her opinion, The Cheesecake Factory was not an appropriate date venue.

“When you take out a beautiful woman, and you’re courting her, because I get courted, you’re supposed to take care of her. You’re supposed to cover her, you’re supposed to protect her, cherish her, treat her well. Right?” she asked.

Her date said that he respected her opinion and agreed with everything she said. He added that he expects the same behavior from a girl he goes out with, which sparked debate.

“I mean, I feel like I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do as a woman,” she responded.

The woman’s date then explained that he planned to take her to another restaurant she approved of, but she was an hour late, making them miss their reservation. When the woman instructed him to call the original restaurant, he refused.

“I got to your place at 4 p.m., but you didn’t come downstairs for another hour,” he shared.

The couple went back and forth for a while, after which the woman doubled down on her stance on The Cheesecake Factory.

“You don’t understand. Look at me. I cannot go in The Cheesecake Factory. I will die,” she said, adding that entering the establishment would be “embarrassing” for her.

That’s when her date ended the Q&A portion of their time together.

“Listen, I have certain expectations. I can tell it’s not going to be there,” he said. “And maybe we’re not right for each other. So, respectfully, I’m going to drop you off at home.”

Viewers were horrified by the woman’s behavior, and many didn’t hold back in the comments.

One TikTok inquired, “😂😂😂 What’s wrong with the cheesecake factory??”

“She been listening to the sprinkle sprinkle lady 😅,” another commented, referring to a TikTok trend that shares dating advice from content creator Leticia Padua (aka SheraSeven).

One TikToker said she thinks The Cheesecake Factory is a great first date location.

“Cheesecake Factory is 🔥. For a 1st date. it’s not a cheap date. My husband & I spend $200 between salads, entree, drinks & cheesecake to go,” they wrote.

The Cheesecake Factory date video comes shortly after another viral first-date TikTok video, which featured TikTok influencer Equana B eating 48 raw oysters and many other menu dishes while on a date. As Blavity reported, the content creator’s date exited the date, leaving her stuck with the bill. Like the woman in The Cheesecake Factory date clip, many viewers thought she brought it on herself.

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