It's safe to say that Solange inspired a nation when she offered us a Seat at the Table late last year. Three Chicago women are currently letting a literal take on the album name manifest.

Black Girls Break Bread was launched by Jessica Davenport-Williams, Khadija Warfield and Jazzy Davenport in an effort to "uplift, empower and inspire black women of all ages through the creation of safe spaces for engagement and intellectual discourse." Through various ticketed events, these young ladies are bringing the community together and making a huge impact on the culture in Chicago, Illinois.

"We had all been individually yearning for a sense of togetherness," says Davenport-Williams in a statement to NBC News. All three women wanted a "safe space to reflect and feel rejuvenated with other women who could relate. It was important to create this space for black women in Chicago. As natives of Chicago ourselves, we understand the void and segregation that exists in this city." 

What started as a simple Facebook posting about a sistergirl getaway instantly became a hub for black women to get together and, well, break bread. To Davenport-Williams, however, there's so much more to their organization than a simple dinner and drink. "We are also here to dispel the myths that black women can't support each other so we are diligent about working with other black women business owners and operators for our production." 

And the work doesn't stop there.

The threesome has recently teamed up with local colleges and universities as well as the Chicago Public School System to really enhance the role their work plays and to set an exemplary example of what unification can do.

Brava, ladies!

Photo: Feibi McIntosh