Noah Jacob was born with a genetic disorder and has experienced several health issues since his birth. Now, the young boy is capturing the hearts of many with his modeling campaigns while also inspiring other children with disabilities.

The 5-year-old has become an internet sensation and is known as Super Noah by his fanbase online, BOTWC reported. His mother, Yami Johnson, said Noah is her miracle baby and documented every moment of his life before he was born. During her pregnancy, she was told Noah would be diagnosed with Down syndrome.

The surprising news left Johnson and Noah’s father to make a tough decision regarding their unborn child’s life. While many people suggested she terminate her pregnancy, Johnson had other plans for baby Noah.

When Noah was born, Johnson went through multiple health battles with him and never regretted her decision. Since then, the young boy has grown up and become a successful model with New York Models Agency.

He recently appeared in a Target ad, with many online supporters reaching out to Johnson to congratulate Noah. Noah’s campaign also inspired parents with children who have Down syndrome or other disabilities.

Last week, Johnson took to Instagram and shared the photo of a mom who snapped a pic of her daughter with Down syndrome posing in front of Noah’s Target ad. 


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“OMG!!! I just want to thank all the followers nationwide who have posted or shared with me their pictures of Noah’s poster at @target. I am so humbled and thankful for this opportunity. It’s funny how Noah is getting you to find a reason to shop 😂 I’m also happy that my baby is doing what he loves (smiling for the camera) and showing the world that with love and faith anything is possible,” Johnson wrote in the post’s caption.

She continued: “I also want to thank his modeling agency @newyorkmodelskids and agent Megan for believing in him and seeing past his disability. I also want to thank @striderite team for loving Noah and consistently booking him for shoots for the last 3 years. These companies are opening so many doors for our babies, it’s amazing! I hope we can inspire more people to choose love and never give up on their dreams 💙💛 Btw, Christmas ad should be out soon, can’t wait!!!!”