In an interview with Channel 4 News earlier this week, Chilli stated that though she’s never participated in any protests or rallies, she believes that all lives matter.  “Because there is a time when different groups are targeted for different things, you know what I’m saying?”

Photo: The New Randomness

After receiving a lot of backlash on social media from her comments, Chilli has now taken to The Shade Room to clarify her comments.

“Of course, black lives matter and the killing of young black boys is heartbreaking to all of us,” the singer stated. “Everyone knows I am a black mother of a black son so there is no way I could watch what’s happening and not be affected. That video was from an interview in London asking me about issues happening in the U.S. My response was inclusive of everyone, but not meant to undervalue the Black Lives Matter movement or to suggest police brutality against blacks is acceptable,” Chilli finished.

Chilli and T-Boz are currently on a promo tour overseas to promote their upcoming album which is set to drop this summer.