As the saying goes, not all heroes wear capes.

Recent Syracuse grad and beauty blogger Chizi Duruhas has created a graduation hat hack for natural hair that allows your curls to remain fabulous without sacrificing that hard earned cap. 

The video starts with the frustrated biology major trying all kinds of positioning with no success. Wagging her finger at the audience (a popular beauty blogging tactic) she reveals that with a barrette, some tape, and clever folding; natural grads can walk across the stage confident that those well-earned caps will remain in place.

The finale concludes with her blowing kisses to astounded friends and loved ones who otherwise may be concerned with cap positioning and possibly asked if she was going to blow her hair out before hand in that shady Aunty voice.

Though Duruhas only just got her BS, she has certainly mastered doing it for the culture. 

Congrats to the young grad and thanks for the tip!