Chloe Bailey got emotional during her live performance with sister Halle Bailey on Saturday at the Global Citizen Live concert in Los Angeles. The singer told Entertainment Tonight she started the waterworks on stage because she was "emotional" by the amount of love she was surrounded by, including that which came from her sister. 

"I just got really emotional because there are so many beautiful beings, including my sister, who just surround me with love," Chloe expressed. "I just really felt it in that moment on that stage. It felt surreal."

Halle gave her reaction to her sister's teary-eyed moment, saying how the 23-year-old has such a "loving heart and it was so much fun to be up there with her."

When asked about finding time to record together, the duo confirmed they are still making music and are ready for the world to hear their third album. 

"Our third album is going to be special because we're both finding ourselves on our own and also together as well, so it's going to be nice," Chloe said.

The 23-year-old also spoke about her debut album. 

"I appear more confident on the outside than I am so the lyrics are me telling what I would tell myself in the mirror to feel more confident. I can't wait for people to hear it; it's more pop and more fun," Chloe shared

In an interview with Billboard, the Grammy-nominated artist told the outlet she's wrapping up her solo album with "bad b***h energy."

Chloe continued, confirming her album is "90% finished" and is currently sorting through 50 recorded tracks to choose the best fit for the upcoming project. 

"I'm creating my lane, as well as paying homage to the ones who have inspired me. It has been fun finding my voice," she said. 

When asked what she hopes fans take away from the album, she said she wants them to show up as themselves, unapologetically. 

"When people look at me, they look at themselves, and they're like, 'I can be myself completely and unapologetically, no matter what the world says.' No matter if people say I'm doing too much, it's OK because that's who I am. I'm not forcing it or being anyone different," she added.

Halle also discussed her excitement for her movie debut as Ariel in The Little Mermaid, telling the interviewer she's "excited for fans to see it."

"I think the fact that it was so different than what I'm used to and I threw myself into this adventure of escape and wonder, and it felt like a magical world that I was living in for nine months. I feel grateful, and I'm just excited for everyone to see it," the actress, who says she "might do more," said.