After over a decade of veganism, Chloe Bailey broke it off. She recently shared via TikTok Live on June 11 that she had stopped being a vegan after 11 years. She said she has noticed benefits and has not experienced any negative effects since changing her diet.

According to The Daily Mail, she told fans watching her livestream, “My confession is that recently I have begun consuming chicken. And let me tell you something,” she said. “Yes, after 11 years — I’m dead a** serious. I’m not joking. After 11 years of being vegan, I consume chicken now.”

Afterward, she said she didn’t consume other dairy products or meats. However, she has been pleased with the results of changing up her diet after so long.

“And it’s like, I am still allergic to egg whites and I don’t consume dairy and honestly it’s been really good,” she told her fans. “I don’t eat anything else, but I’ve just been dibbling with some chicken.”

Despite experiencing cramps following her first attempt to eat meat again, Bailey has also noticed improvements in her physical appearance. 

“And you know, the first time I ate it, my stomach cramped maybe a little bit. After that, I was fine,” she said. “But what I have noticed is that my body has been getting more toned. And I haven’t even been working out crazy like I usually do and I feel like it’s just been toning me.”

Laughing, she said she knew she would be caught sooner or later, so she wanted to reveal it herself.

“So I mean, I knew sooner or later maybe there’d be a picture of me with a chicken wing in my mouth,” she said.

Last summer, the 25-year-old and her younger sister Halle, who has also been vegan for over a decade, ate meat accidentally for the first time in years.