After videos of Chris Brown’s mid-performance lap dances made their way on social media (and blew up), most thought that anything goes at a Breezy concert.

But it turns out the singer has one rule for those participating in his steaming choreography, and if it’s broken, consequences will ensue. According to TMZ, the 33-year-old threw a fan’s phone into the crowd after she tried to record the experience.

The incident occurred Wednesday while the “Loyal” singer performed in Berlin. Breezy invited the fan onstage for a lap dance, and instead of enjoying the experience IRL, she kept trying to take a video of the moment. After the fan’s multiple attempts, Brown wasn’t having it and snatched the device from her and threw it into the masses, Complex reports.

The crowd went crazy. Thankfully, the fan got her phone back.

A clip of the incident’s gone viral on social media, and most viewers appear to be on Brown’s side.

One Instagram viewer commented, “Sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment lol. Don’t have to record everything!”

“Why was she even on it,” another added. 

But not everyone was here for the singer’s response.

One wrote, “I understand the frustration but I feel like him cutting it short and picking another shorty would have taught her a better lesson ……”

“Y’all still going to make excuses for him,” another commented, referring to viewers who felt Brown was in the right.

Regardless of public opinion, Breezy stands by his actions. He addressed the incident on Instagram Stories, writing “f**k dat phone” with several laughing emojis. He also reminded followers that she got her device.

Brown has been in hot water lately, receiving backlash for his collaboration with Chloe Bailey and heat for his past domestic violence case involving Rihanna, which stirred up amid her Super Bowl performance, TMZ reports.

And this isn’t the first time an artist has thrown a fan’s phone in frustration. Last year, while performing at the Wireless Festival in London, Lil Uzi Vert took a fan’s phone that landed on stage and hurled it into the air. The phone allegedly hit another fan amid its descent.