More teasing from Chris Rock

Over the summer, he revealed in an interview with Sway, while doing press for 2 Days In New York, that he and Nelson George had been discussing what a sequel to CB4, stating they were "kicking around some ideas," and the story would be told from the perspective of the original film's cast, now 20 years older.

No word on further movement on that idea yet.

However, earlier today on the Today show, Rock teased another another potential pairing that I think will get you all very excited, if it happens.

Rock told Today show hosts, when asked about going on tour, that "… me and Chappelle have been working out, trying to get some stuff together… we will see…

Imagine that! Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle on tour… together! I'm sure it'll be recorded, packaged and released as a concert film, maybe in theaters, on home video, or both. 

Regardless, sign me up!

Lately, Rock has been busy behind the scenes, producing TV series for others. As for Chappelle, he's been popping up at comedy clubs here there around the country.

Watch the Today show interview below:

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