Chrisette Michele, who faced backlash after singing at Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017, is now opening up about the incident and wondering why Kanye West didn't face the same consequences despite his association with the 45th president.

The topic resurfaced after West released his album, DONDA, on Aug. 29. Michele's fans went to social media after the album's release and wondered why the rapper is still getting support after he wore a MAGA hat during a visit to the White House and declared that slavery was "a choice.” They also questioned why Michele isn't getting the same amount of love.

"Since our culture is so hyped about Kanye West’s #Donda album; it’s time to UNcancel @ChrisetteM! I hated her singing at 45’s inauguration… But #ChrisetteMichele never disrespected our history/ancestors; didn’t rock a MAGA hat; & never ran a covert campaign to sway an election!" TV host Jawn Murray tweeted.