The family of Christian Obumseli has filed a new lawsuit against building security at the luxury apartment complex where Obumseli and OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney lived, claiming security stood outside for several minutes as Clenney stabbed her boyfriend to death.

In the complaint, Obumseli’s estate claims security for One Paraiso apartments in Miami stood outside the 22nd-floor unit for 12 minutes and “did nothing” before Clenney called 911 and said she stabbed him, according to the New York Post

The lawsuit states security could have saved his life, and it touches upon the couple’s past domestic disputes. 

“[B]uilding security arrived at the Clenney unit, knocked on the door, heard yelling through the door, stood outside, and did nothing despite knowledge of Ms. Clenney’s history of past disturbances in the unit and common areas, her history of erratic, volatile and aggressive behavior … and her recently diagnosed mental health disorder,” a modified version of the estate’s lawsuit that was filed earlier this month states, according to the Post. 

Attorneys representing both parties have argued whether Obumseli’s death was the result of an act of self-defense by Clenney. However, the family’s legal team said the 28-year-old was murdered and alleged the social media personality was an abuser, Atlanta Black Star reported.

The couple moved into the apartment complex in January 2022. Since then, police responded to the complex several times regarding domestic disputes inside the unit. As Blavity previously reported, video footage shows police being called just two days prior to April 3, 2022, the day Obumseli lost his life.

During the April 1 domestic dispute, video shows that a One Paraiso employee called Miami police to report a domestic disturbance between the Nigerian American man and his girlfriend. According to Local 10, the employee claimed Obumseli was charging at Clenney and that the employee tried to get in the middle of it. The 26-year-old demanded her boyfriend be removed from the premises, but law enforcement said that wasn’t possible because he had his belongings in the apartment and had been living there.

On the day of his death, Obumseli arrived at the apartment around 4:30 p.m., and the pair started arguing shortly after. Things escalated quickly, and a fight ensued. Neighbors in the complex reported noise disturbances from the unit, prompting staff to call the police. The complaint states that employees should have called medics after they realized an “emergency” had occurred, per the New York Post.

“At 4:45 pm, One Paraiso [and other security and building entities] knew or should have known that this constituted an emergency and that they had a right to immediately access the unit, given the unique circumstances of Ms. Clenney and her history and medical condition,” the lawsuit reads, according to the Post.

“[T]hey allowed Ms. Clenney to commit murder without providing any intervention — they stood outside the door of the unit while Ms. Clenney committed her heinous crime and did nothing to stop or attempt to stop the murder from occurring,” it added.

Meanwhile, Clenney’s attorney, Frank Andrew Prieto, stated the defendant acted in self-defense.

“That afternoon, Courtney’s actions were taken in self-defense after suffering at the hands of Obumseli’s mental and physical abuse,” Prieto said in a statement, according to the Post. “The amended complaint includes the many times Courtney called security and the police for help; however, it distorts many facts and leaves out significant details that do not fit their false narrative.”

Clenney, who is charged with second-degree murder, was initially faced with a lawsuit from Obumseli’s family in April. They demanded she pay funeral fees and other additional costs that accumulated since his death, Blavity reported at the time.

Prieto told TMZ the estate is “seeking wrongful death damages in hopes of getting a huge payout.”

Additionally, he said the amended lawsuit “attempts to manipulate the narrative of what really occurred” between the couple, according to the Post.