The 9th Cine Fest Petrobras Brasil here in New York is officially underway, running through June 19, with screenings being held at Tribeca Cinemas, featuring some of the best Brazilian feature films this year without USA distribution.

It is a competitive festival, with closing night festivities to include the announcement of the Crystal Lens Award winner.

One of the titles scheduled to screen this year is titled Bróder, directed by Jefferson De (who, as reader Franz tells me, is one of the few Black directors working in Brazil today), and centers on childhood friends, Macu, Jaiminho and Pibe, who grew up together in the same working class São Paulo neighborhood. Years later, the trio reconnect after being apart for some time.

Macu, the outcast, still lives in the same neighborhood; Jaiminho, is now a famous soccer player in Europe; and Pibe is has become a husband and father, living an unfulfilling life in another part of town. It’s Macu’s birthday and they three young men attempt to rekindle their friendship, despite their divergent paths.

Broder debuted at the 2010 Berlin International Film Festival, and went on to play the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, and the São Paulo International Film Festival.

Its Facebook page lists Sony Pictures as the distributor, but, thus far, it only appears to have been released in Brazil, earlier this year. So, I suppose this is an attempt to broaden its reach, and test North American audience interest in the film.

It actually screens tonight at 7PM, and then again on Thursday night at 10PM, and you’re encouraged to check it out if you’re in NYC, and are available. I won’t be able to make either, though I’m hoping to make the Thursday night screening.

Watch the trailer below (it’s not subtitled, so you’ll just have to depend on the images to tell the tale, if you don’t speak the language):