nullAn evening celebrating new Haitian cinema in New York City.

Some backstory…

Ciné Institute provides Haitian youth with film education, training and production support that began as a film festival in Jacmel.

Held for three years, Festival Film Jakmèl showed hundreds of films from around the world, free of charge, to tens of thousands of local audiences. Their written mission is to "use the power of cinema, integrated educational programming, technical film training and production funding, to entertain, educate and empower Haitian youth, to create a movement that grows an industry in national cinema and arts, which creates jobs, stimulates regional economies and drives sustainable long term development.

The Institute's programs are: Ciné Lekòl – a film school offering training in fiction documentary and commercials; Ciné Services – an income generating production center for film school students and graduate; Ciné Klas – daily educational film screenings in partnership with national public schools; and Ciné Klub – weekly public screenings of world cinema. 

When the earthquake struck 2 years ago, the Institute's students were on the ground, shooting and uploading footage onto social networking sites for the rest of the world to see, and they continued releasing video footage covering the aftermath.

Here's an opportunity to help continue the Institute's mission to affect change, with a screening of films from Ciné Institute, followed by a conversation with Jonathan Demme, Michele Montas, Marc Baptiste and FIAF.

The vitals are all on the one-sheet that follows below, so read it: