CNN star political correspondent Abby Phillip will be getting her own show. The 32-year-old anchor's new show, Inside Politics Sunday with Abby Phillip will kick off on Jan. 24. She's also been promoted to senior political correspondent. 

Phillip also announced her new position via Twitter on Monday. 

"I'm so thrilled to be taking the reins of Inside Politics Sunday from my friend and colleague @JohnKingCNN starting on Jan. 24. Could not be more proud to be joining this incredible @CNN franchise," she wrote. 

Fans overwhelmed Phillip's Twitter with praise and support.

One user thanked Phillip for delivering news on which he could depend.

"Well done, Abby. Watching you, John, Jake, Erin, Anderson, Chris and Don has helped us keep us informed and keep our sanity here in Canada as we try and process what's happening in America these stressful recent times," he wrote.

Not only will the prominent anchor host her own show, but she is also set to host a documentary with the nation’s Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, next Sunday at 10 pm.

She tweeted about the upcoming program as well.

“Next Sunday tune in to @CNN at 10 pm EST as we present my documentary KAMALA HARRIS: Making History. I sat down with the VPE for a wide-ranging interview. Plus you don't want to miss our joint interview with Harris and incoming second gentleman Doug Emhoff,” she wrote.

Phillip gained recognition for her 2020 election coverage. The D.C.- based reporter joined CNN in 2017 to cover the Trump administration after holding a position at The Washington Post as a national political correspondent. 

During her tenure at The Post, the Harvard alumna extensively covered the Trump administration. Phillip examined the president's efforts to rescind and replace the Affordable Care Act. She also reported on Trump's overseas trips to Poland and Germany for his first G-20 summit. During the 2016 presidential election, Phillip broadcasted coverage for former first lady Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

The anchor also served as CNN's White House correspondent in 2019. In January 2020, she presided over the Democratic presidential debate in Iowa.

In conjunction with her new position, Phillip is now working on her first book, The Dream Deferred: Jesse Jackson, Black Political Power, and the Year that Changed America. It's slated for release in 2022 and will focus on Jackson's life and political legacy, including his historic 1988 presidential run.