Coach P's 15 Holistic tips for better sleep

Coach P's 15 Holistic tips for better sleep
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| March 05 2016,

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Family life, social life and professional life are a few of the many factors that can lead to sleep deprivation. Many of us wear many hats and play various roles. We are providers, nurturers, caterers, givers and bosses. But we often forget to be human and take care of ourselves. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 45 percent of Americans are sleep deprived and people who have an insufficient sleep pattern are less healthy and 60 percent less likely to reach long-term and short-term goals. To be healthy and create dope things, you NEED sleep. For a good night’s rest, try these holistic tips:
No checking emails. The bedroom is for sleeping and boo-loving (by the way, a sexy encounter is the ultimate sleeping aid - when it's done right. Ha!). Clean your space both mentally and literally. Clear your mind of anxious thoughts. Clean your room. It's is extremely difficult to relax in clutter. Make sure temperature and lighting
settings are comfy in the bedroom. Your pillows should be a medium balance of firm and soft. Your head should always be slightly elevated, even when lying on your side. Sleep ergonomics are important. Try sleeping on your back with a bolster or knee lift wedge, rested under your knees.  during the day.
When weather permits, go outside and enjoy the sun as much as possible.r discussing intense issues while in bed. Instead, pray, read, or journal before bedtime.
before turning in for bed. Try to have your final cup off coffee before mid-afternoon.without sugar is always a good idea.
during the day. If you do nap, don’t sleep for more than 25 minutes.r other forms of meditation and relaxation modalities, such as getting massages regularly.
essential oil on your temples before going to bed. oil inside your pillowcase.
to waft the scent throughout your bedroom. is also useful in the treatment of insomnia. Celery juice mixed with a tablespoon of honey makes a delightful drink.
all contain L-tryptophan, a substance the body uses to convert to the calming neurotransmitter serotonin. Try nibbling on a handful of seeds nightly 30 minutes before bedtime. is useful in the treatment of insomnia.
You can get it naturally from adding plant-based foods to your diet — bananas, pears, cherries, leafy greens and nuts, for example. You can also purchase melatonin in supplement form. Always consult your physician before taking new supplements.If you have severe insomnia, consult with a licensed physician or therapist because it can be a symptom of a more serious issue.What are some of your sleepy time tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments below!
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