Nothing terribly important, but I thought it was funny enough to share.

The story goes… the Taiwanese distributor for Zoe Saldana’s Colombiana decided that it was necessary to change the film’s Chinese title because the government said it sounded inappropriate.

The original translated title was Heilanjiao which means “Black Orchid Beauty” in Chinese; the Government Information Office (GIO) didn’t like that title (Heilanjiao) because it’s pronunciation is similar to the word “penis” in Taiwanese; the GIO called it a “violation of moral order.

How did they come up with that translation? Potential SPOILER: “The translation came from the story itself, in which the lead killer draws a black orchid on her victims every time she takes revenge on them,” the distributor explained.

And what’s the new title they changed to? The new title is Heilansha, meaning Black Beauty Evil.

Hah! Ok then… can you say, lost in translation…? I think I like Black Orchid Beauty better. Though it’s not the English translation that matters anyway, but the Taiwanese word equivalent and pronunciation.

But if you read the spoiler part, you now know more about the film than the rest of the world 🙂