The Colored Girls Museum celebrates #BlackGirlMagic unapologetically

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| March 09 2016,

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Have you ever dreamed of a space that unapologetically celebrates everything that you are? A space dedicated to the whimsical, magical and majestic qualities of black women like yourself and others? We’ve got good news. This space exists in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia and it's called The Colored Girls Museum. This is everything we’ve been wishing for. It’s a dope, well-curated home museum that epitomizes #blackgirlmagic in the best ways possible. Here are five reasons why you should make the trip to Philadelphia to see it while it’s open.
Photo: Kadisha Phillips
This is a place for black women, by black women, in celebration of black women. What other reason do you need other than the fact that you can get a real Philly cheesesteak after stopping by? There’s a room that celebrates black women who lived and worked directly after slavery ended, whose story is told by their granddaughter while you explore their lives through the curated pieces. Above it is an open space dedicated to police brutality and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. On the ground floor is a painting that will resonate with every black girl whose father has broken her heart time and time again.
Photo: Kadisha Phillips
Ordinary-extraordinaries are everyday black women who are killing the game just by existing. They range from lesser-known artists to young girls shining in their melaninated greatness. Some of the items in the museum have either been curated by or feature the ordinary-extraordinaries. What’s a black girl without her counterpart, the black boy? This museum wouldn’t have been complete without also celebrating #blackboymagic, and there’s an entire room dedicated to it. After experiencing the museum I was forced to ask myself, “What truly makes me a magical black girl?” This unique celebration of the black woman is a breath of fresh air that is needed because, quite frankly, we aren’t celebrated enough.
The Colored Girls Museum
Photo: Kadisha Phillips
The Colored Girls museum is open on Sundays from 12–4 p.m. in Philadelphia during the month of March. If you miss it this time around, catch it again in September during the Fringe Arts festival. For more information visit their Facebook page or website
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