Some really strong images here; I just wish the trailer was better edited and more alluring than what’s available, embedded below.

From Guadeloupean filmmaker, Christian Lara, known as the “Father of West Indian Cinema,” having directed some twenty films since 1971, comes his most recent work titled Lost Heritage, which continues the filmmaker’s exploration of identity, culture and race.


When Pierre Mombin (Luc Saint Eloy) travels to a remote African kingdom to claim an inheritance, he discovers, through the prophecy of the former king’s preserved skull, that he is the last male descendant of the royal family. As he learns more about his lineage from the trickster witch doctor, it becomes clear there is a darker side to the prophecy that foretold his return. Meanwhile, in an attempt to secure peace between the northern and southern kingdoms, the northern king arranges a marriage between the princess and Mombin, but she has other plans. Will Mombin accept his heritage and the marriage proposal?

Now, I can’t lie; I’m now up to speed on my Christian Lara filmography, but you can guarantee that I will be, starting as soon as I complete this post. However, after doing some research, I can say that his films will be very hard to come by via traditional means.

Thankfully Lost Heritage will, when it’s released on both DVD and VOD next week Tuesday, September 27th. I’m expecting a screener and will write about it after I see it.

For $19.99, the DVD disk will also include an introduction by Ayuko Babu, director of the Pan African Film Festival, as well as a featurette titled: The Films of Christian Lara.

A perfect start; that last extra feature, specifically for those, like me, who aren’t up on their Christian Lara history.

Cinema Libre Studio is its distributor.