The student group Concerned Student 1950, which lead a number of race-related protests leading to the demise of University of Missouri administration in November of 2015, will be honored with the Chairman’s Award by the NAACP next month at the 47th annual Image Awards.

The group is one of eight organizations that will be receiving the award. Concerned Student 1950 assembled a series of campus-wide protests to fight against the systemic oppression of the black students on campus. The protests fought for black student inclusion, more blacks on the University’s staff and an improved racial climate. These protests later led to a number of protests on campuses across the country.

The group has chosen one representative to receive the award on their behalf in Pasadena, California on February 5th. In the meantime, the group continues to fight the good fight on Mizzou’s campus.

“It is a rare privilege for me to present the NAACP Chairman’s 2016 Award to an outstanding group of trailblazing leaders all under the age of 50 who have given voice and vision to the mantra that black lives matter,” says Roslyn M. Brock, chairwoman of the NAACP National Board of Directors.

Photo: reactiongifs
Photo: reactiongifs


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