Two police officers are under investigation after the fatal shooting of a black man in Sacramento, California, The Sacramento Bee reports.

The incident occurred Saturday night after officers from the Sacramento Police Department responded to a 9:18 p.m. call about a suspected thief hiding in a backyard. It was believed that the man had broken nearby car windows. According to a press release given to the Bee, the suspect was described as a thin, 6-foot-1 Black male wearing a black hoodie and dark pants.

A police helicopter spotted the man at about 9:25 p.m., and told officers the man smashed a window on a house with a “tool bar.” Officers on the ground saw the man running towards the front of the house.

Officers confronted the man, asking him to show his hands. The man then ran toward the backyard. The deputies chased him, and opened fire as he turned, holding an object they believed to be a gun. The officers hit the man multiple times; no gun was recovered at the scene. It is believed that the object the man was holding was the "tool bar."

The officers waited about five minutes for backup to arrive as the man bled. Once backup arrived, he was hanfcuffed and life-saving aid was administered. However, medical attention came too late, and the suspect was pronounced dead shortly after the Sacramento Fire Department arrived at the scene. The man has not been identified by officials.

A police spokesman confirmed an investigation has been launched. "I can tell you that we're conducting a thorough investigation and taking this very seriously, as we would with any officer-involved shooting," spokesman Sergeant. Vance Chandler said.

However, a Facebook page from the Sacramento chapter of Black Lives Matter tells a different story. According to the page, a man named Stephen Clark was murdered by the police in his own backyard.

“Last night a young man was gunned down in his own back yard. His family wasn't even notified,” it reads. “They found out by finding his body. “This family needs answers right now!”

In a comment under a link to a report about the shooting, BLM accused the police department of lying.

"They are trying to accuse him of robbery," BLM wrote. "They are lying!!!! He was in his own yard going in the house from the back. His family was home!''