Called “one of the most recognized
conservative voices in America”
conservative pundit, columnist and
Fox News favorite Armstrong Williams has announced that his
company Howard Stirk Holdings will
be buying WMMP-TV in Charleston, S.C. from the Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.

Furthermore, Sinclair also previously announced they would
be selling two other TV stations it currently owns to Williams’ company, including
WHP-TV in Harrisburg, Pa  and that
those deals are currently “making their way through the government approval

The sales would make Williams one of the very  few African American TV station owners in the
country, where station ownership “dropped from 12 stations in 2009 down to 10
in 2011.

That makes it  less
than 1% percent of total of TV stations
in the U.S. owned by African-Americans.

It’s not known exactly what type of programming Williams
has in mind once he takes ownership of the stations, but since the Sinclair
Company has a reputation of strong “conservative leanings” there’s no
reason why, once Williams takes over, there would be any change.

And just for the record, in case you haven’t heard (and because I’m a jerk) Williams, who is
54 years old, is well known for his attacks about the lack of morality in modern
culture, his rants against homosexuality and claims to be a life long celibate. (O.K. if he says so)

Though, back in the late 90’s, Williams was sued “for
sexual harassment by Stephen Gregory, a former YMCA personal trainer whom
Williams repeatedly promoted, eventually to executive producer of his former TV
show The Right Side.

The case was later settled out of court for an officially undisclosed
amount in the six figures.

Just keep that in mind next time he goes off about gay
people or immorality in today’s culture.