Conservative British pundit Katie Hopkins, who recently arrived in Australia to take part in a reality TV show, is being deported after mocking the country's quarantine guidelines. Hopkins sparked outrage and faced consequences when she posted one of her latest Instagram videos while she was quarantined in a hotel upon her arrival, BBC reported.

In the clip, which is now deleted, the commentator said she planned to "lie in wait" for workers to deliver food to her room so she could open the door "naked with no face mask." According to Reuters, Australia took a firm stance against the joke and shamed the British celebrity for violating the law, which requires visitors to put on a mask before meals are delivered in the hotel where they must quarantine for two weeks.

"All visa holders must abide by the health directions issued by our health officials. We won't tolerate those who don't," Karen Andrews, Australia's Minister for Home Affairs, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. "We will be getting her out of the country as soon as we can arrange that."

Hopkins has been known to create controversy with her inflammatory anti-immigrant commentary and her habit of downplaying the seriousness of the pandemic. In her recent Instagram post, the pundit said lockdowns are the "greatest hoax in human history." 

Hopkins, who was supposed to star in the reality TV show Big Brother Australia, has been removed from the show. She also faces a $1,000 fine for not wearing a mask before being escorted to the airport to be sent back home. 

Andrews said Hopkins' comments were "appalling" and a "slap in the face" for Australians in lockdown. The country closed its borders in March 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many citizens outside the country who have been blocked from returning home are now outraged about Hopkins and other celebrities being allowed to enter Australia.

"The decision is particularly painful for the 35,000 Australians who remain stranded overseas," Labor MP Andrew Giles said.